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Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Description From best friend to frenemy to flat-out enemy For her Sweet 16, Jordan Wright gets rid of the frizzy hair, the conservative clothes, and finally likes the hip new girl smiling in the mirror. So when she hears about an open casting call for the hottest rapper's new video, she has the confidence to go for it. She and her best friend, Adrienne, try out with hundreds of hopefuls, but only Jordan makes it.

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Adrienne seems fine with it. But when Jordan starts getting some serious attention, Adrienne turns into a hater. And after Jordan has an innocent in-the-hall conversation with Adrienne's ex-boyfriend--they dated for one week, like four years ago!

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  8. Ten years later, Ellie is back at her great-aunt's lake house, and so is Uriel Lassiter still wildly sexy, single and happy to stay that way. As Senator Braddock's only daughter Shondra Braddock seemed to have it all: brains, beauty and the bank account of an heiress. But she didn't have answers. Determined to discover the connection between Stewart Industries and her father's death, Shondra accepted a job working for Connor Stewart, the Chastain Thibodaux is no longer the awkward, naive girl who had her heart smashed to pieces by Philippe Devereaux.

    Now the successful artist has included three oil paintings of Philippe in her prestigious gallery show--sensuous nudes painted entirely from her memory of their smoldering affair. Sixteen-year-old Keysha Kendall is a judge's signature away from foster care when she's sent to live with the father she never knew. Suddenly she has her own room in his big fancy house, a high-powered stepmother and a popular half brother who can introduce her to all the right people at her new sch America's Next Top Designer Fashionista with the fiercest style sense and head-turning clothes? That's Angela Jenkins.

    Even though her cutting-edge designs and graphic legwear sometimes draw criticism from her peers, Angela knows that one day she will be a top designer, and her best friend Although frustrated in his attempt to acquire Steele Corporation, arrogant millionaire Cameron Cody will not be denied the firm's most attractive asset, Vanessa Steele.

    So when Cameron learns that Vanessa is house-sitting for her sister in Jamaica, he buys the adjoining property and makes her an off Finding Mr. Children's advocate Tyra Cunningham hasn't had time to think about men. After devoting her life to raising her younger brother and sister, it's now her turn to shine.

    But when her matchmaking siblings fix her up with hunky Byron Wright, doubts begin to surface. Is the single father and sweet, Of all the people Kendra Forrest never wanted to be indebted to, her commanding, charismatic ex-boss, Trey Hammond, tops the list.

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    Now she owes Trey for the extensive makeover that allowed her to leave her ugly-duckling life behind. Trey's solution: working as his temporary housekeeper to repay h Sebastian Steele was the kind of man women dreamed about. He was drop-dead gorgeous, wickedly charming and fabulously wealthy. So why wouldn't Erin Mason accept his offer to help run her struggling company? It was his reputation. Sebastian was a corporate shark, and Erin knew the big fi Raised in a strict household, sixteen-year-old Courtland Murphy never had a date. But that was before the guy of her every dream—basketball star Allen Benson—asked her out.

    She's gone from never-been-kissed to dating the hottest guy in school. And now her new boyfriend is pressuring her to prove After a chaotic few months, Keysha's life is looking up—and so is her love life. She's scored the lead in the school play, and her tried-and-true boyfriend, Wesley, has moved back home. Perfect, right? Except that a backstabbing rival is scheming to get her role, and rehearsals leave zero time for Three girls.

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    Three high schools. Three gotta-read stories. In Fashion by Felicia Pride When boho-style Nina Parker straightens her Afro, loses the long skirts and gets a total makeover for her new private school, the cutest guy notices -- yes! But so does the mean That way, they can both enjoy their vacations, no guilt, no questions asked.

    Not that Indigo isn't worried when Marcus heads to Texas to spend time with his estranged mother—kissing Marcus go Kimberly and Jack have it all. Loving marriage? Gorgeous home? Well-paying careers? No doubt. Two, and they're college-bound. The happy couple should be celebrating. Instead…Kim has just asked for a divorce. Kim remembers a caring, attentive husband who catere From best friend to frenemy to flat-out enemy For her Sweet 16, Jordan Wright gets rid of the frizzy hair, the conservative clothes, and finally likes the hip new girl smiling in the mirror.

    So when she hears about an open casting call for the hottest rapper's new video, she has the confidence to For five years, widowed NYU professor Peyton Sawyer has avoided romance—which only makes her immediate attraction to cool, handsome community center director Malik Williams more surprising. Volunteering at his center spurs a smoldering connection. So why does Malik back off as soon as Peyton is re Ethan Robinson, the sexiest professor on campus, has fallen hard for mysterious Dakota Faraday. He knows what he wants: an exclusive relationship. But Ethan fears the pretty, twentysomething part-time college student may be secretly involved with another man.

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    And just when he's about ready to Life Is Was…Will Be? Good Indigo Summer has everything she wants: a coveted spot on the high school dance squad, a hot boyfriend the one and only Marcus Carter and—her best friend, Jade, is moving back to Atlanta! But why does trouble always have to follow? Jade is suddenly getting too coz Business takes on a new flavor Resort manager Emilie Woodward's plans to make the Flamingo Beach Spa and Resort the place to be just hit a snag.

    His name is Rowan James. His hard-muscled body makes her weak in the knees and his plan to open a casino next door may cost Emilie her job. And when Row Zoe McNight has sworn off blind dates. But her white-hot dalliance with Ben Hood was a night to remember!


    Now, with her upscale jewelry and gem boutiques in trouble, Zoe's determined to put diamonds—not desire—first. Ben may be banned from her heart, but she needs this sexy private invest Welcome to a world of werewolves, vampires, demons and mere mortals, where, in the name of revenge, five women are about to live out their wildest fantasies—even if it means crossing over to that other side… Five of today's most provocative authors invite you into a realm beyond the limit Whoever said "family comes first" never met Keysha's mom, Justine.

    Fresh out of jail, Justine wants to reconnect with her daughter--despite abandoning her to a father she hardly knew. Keysha is sure Justine's troubled past is going to play havoc with her own present and future.

    So, So Hood (Drama High Series #14) | Favorite books | Hood books, Books for teens, Drama

    To add more drama to Warrick Mayne has spent twelve years blaming Raina St. James for ruining his sister's life. Now the self-made millionaire has the perfect opportunity for payback--knocking down Raina's luxury day spa to build an office complex. But his plan has met a hitch, in the delectable form of Raina herself He's waging the most passionate campaign of all… Media coach Trina Powers loves grooming high-profile clients for superstardom. And signing businessman-turned-politician Dwayne Hunter could really launch her agency into the big time. But Dwayne is giving her a run for her money. When Capri Timmons trades her chaotic Miami life for suburbia, the reserved photographer doesn't realize her fantastic new house comes with a gorgeous doctor next door!

    Sexy, way-too-easy-on-the-eyes Tiberius Evans is just the kind of man Capri has vowed to steer clear of at all costs. Except the mo Indigo Summer and her best friend, Jade, are at the top of their game. They're the most popular girls at school, the best dancers on the high-school squad, and now one of them is going to be team captain. She soon discovers that what she needs most is to find the strength to be herself. Leer comentario completo. This book was one of the best books I have ever read. It was written by a teenager so I felt like I could relate to some of the situations.

    When the main character, Jordan, and her bestfriend got into