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The Teaching of English in Schools. David Shayer. Analysing Older English. David Denison. The Colonial Rise of the Novel. Firdous Azim. Studying British Cultures. Susan Bassnett. Keywords in Language and Literacy. Laurence Walker. English and Celtic in Contact. Markku Filppula. Poetry and the Idea of Progress, John Regan. The Expansion of England. Bill Schwarz.

Investigating English Discourse. Language and Identity in Englishes. Urszula Clark. Starting English Teaching. Robert Jeffcoate. Science and Ethics. Shakespeare in the Present. Terence Hawkes. The Romantic Crowd. Mary Fairclough.

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The Art of Teaching Secondary English. Nicholas McGuinn. English Historical Linguistics. Laurel J. John M. Intimate Strangers. Vanessa Smith. Literature About Language. Valerie Shepard. Varieties of Modern English. Diane Davies. Understanding Children's Literature. Peter Hunt. Education and Dramatic Art. David Hornbrook. A Social History of English. Mr Dick Leith. Standards of English. English in Modern Times. Joan C Beal. Scotland and the Fictions of Geography. Penny Fielding.

Alternative Histories of the English Language

The Languages of Nation. Carol Percy. Language in History. Dr Tony Crowley. The Language of Robert Burns. Alex Broadhead. Caribbean-English Passages. Englishness and National Culture. Antony Easthorpe.

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Standardising English. A Dictionary of Varieties of English. Critical Theory and Practice: A Coursebook. Keith Green.

Prosody: Alternative Histories

Styles of Discourse. Nikolas Coupland.

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The Grammar of Irish English. Philosophical Shakespeares. John Joughin. The Cambridge Companion to Coleridge. Lucy Newlyn.

The Voice of Prophecy. Dialect and Literature in the Long Nineteenth Century. Jane Hodson. A Survey of Modern English. Minds in Motion. Anne M. Vernacular Universals and Language Contacts.

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Social Anthropology and Language. Edwin Ardener. Variety in Written English. Tony Bex. Variety in Contemporary English. Textual Practice. Romanticism and the Rise of English. Andrew Elfenbein. Peter Trudgill. English Accents and Dialects. Arthur Hughes. International English. Dialect Matters. Investigations in Sociohistorical Linguistics. Letter Writing and Language Change. Anita Auer.