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Assassin's Creed: The Fall & The Chain

We attempted to distinguish between the two but could have done this more carefully as we were walking a narrow line between role-play choices and story, and the clarity and motivation for this decision was poorly executed. As you continue the adventure in next episode Bloodline, please know that you will not have to engage in a lasting romantic relationship if you do not desire to.

Assassin's Creed: Revelations - Toba Catastrophe - Fall Of The First Civilization

This has been a learning experience for us. Understanding how attached you feel to your Kassandra and your Alexios is humbling and knowing we let you down is not something we take lightly. When we played through episode 1 of this new DLC, it was clear it was a massive gift for anyone who's down with the Assassin's Creed lore , as it explores the life of the first ever assassin - and the OG hidden blade - Darius.

However, it turns out that the second episode, which just dropped this week, has given our Ancient Greek heroes quite the different gift. One that's not sitting well with fans at all. It turns out that our proto-assassin Darius actually has a child, whose gender is pre-determined by your choice of player character. If you play as Alexios, Darius' spawn is a daughter called Neema, while if you're Kassandra, Neema is actually a son called Natakas. Now, this might all seem a bit odd, and that's because it is. And this is where the controversy comes in.

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And the bigger problem is that although it's billed as another choice in your hero's story, whatever you choose, the child is still the ultimate outcome. At the end of the second episode, you can choose either to romance Darius' child, settle down and pop out a baby between you, OR walk away. However, if you choose the latter option, they still stay, you fall in love and you end up having the baby regardless of your ultimate choice. Skip through a few cutscenes, watch the family bond, and then eventually have the child in question. But of course, up until this point, the entirety of Assassin's Creed Odyssey has been about choice.

An Autumn Ride | Assassin's Creed Odyssey Art | by Ubisoft Art Gallery

Sneak up behind him and take him out with the Hidden Blade , although the game likes to force you into Air Assassinations when on slanted roofs. Jump across the street and cling to one of the windows on the north side of the target building, then shimmy around to your right so you're on the west wall front.

Hang from the wall, then look down and you'll notice three snipers on balconies. When you're ready, drop down and take out the Sniper on the north balcony with an Air Assassination.

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Don't worry, his buddies won't shouldn't notice a thing. Climb through the window and take cover by the door, waiting for a Seeker to walk by. When he does, kill him with the Hidden Blade, then move in the direction he originally came from.

As you reach the end of the hallway, snap to cover and use your Eagle Vision to spot three one is a balcony Sniper Extremists in the adjacent room. If you study their patrol patterns, the three bad guys will split up, with one along the left wall, the Sniper on the balcony and the Brute in the middle. When the patrolling Extremist moves to the left wall, sneak up and kill the Brute with your Hidden Blade, then quickly do the same to his buddy. Lastly, pop into cover behind the Sniper, taking him out with a Cover Kill. From your position at the window, you should see a room to the southwest that has three Extremists inside.

One is a Brute , one is a Seeker and the other is irrelevant because he's half asleep. Take cover next to the door, waiting for the Brute to turn his back to the Seeker. Lastly, murder the sleeping he kind of woke up for us guard just for the giggles. Oh, you can also kill the balcony Sniper with a cover kill.

Achievement Guide for Secret Achievement

You might as well, no sense risking him getting wise later on. The door the Robespierre is right there, but you have more business to deal with first. Pop into Eagle Vision and look to the east to spot a locked door.

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Head in and pick the lock, but don't go through. There is a bad guy on the other side, but just opening the door will complete the challenge. Now you can head back and enter the room with Robespierre to complete the memory. Challenges Don't get into conflict Lockpick one door Follow Elise Start off by following Elise and listening to what she has to say. Investigate the Area When you complete your first objective, you'll be standing in front of a building.

Find Robespierre As you leave the alley with the wounded soldier, look to about your 11 o'clock, or slightly to the northeast.