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For a given linear space, the collocation points must be placed judiciously to achieve optimal accuracy.

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The error is again controlled by adjusting the mesh spacing using local error estimates involving approximate solutions of varying orders of accuracy; see Ascher et al. Choosing a spline basis for collocation or more or less equivalently using certain types of Runge-Kutta formulas on the mesh leads to a nonlinear system which must be solved iteratively.

Ömür Uğur, PhD - Boundary Value Problems for Higher Order Linear Impulsive Differential Equations

At each iteration we must solve a structured linear system of equations. When the boundary conditions are separated, the system is almost block diagonal.

Similarly structured systems arise from finite difference approximations and also from multiple shooting techniques. Because of the great practical importance of this type of linear algebra problem, significant effort has been devoted to developing stable algorithms which minimize storage and maximize efficiency; see Amodio et al. The case of nonseparated boundary conditions leads to a similarly structured system whose solution poses potentially greater stability difficulties.

Another type of BVP that arises in the analytical solution of certain linear partial differential equations is the Sturm—Liouville eigenproblem. ODE eigenvalue problems can be solved using a general-purpose code shooting code that treats an eigenvalue as an unknown parameter. However, with such a code one can only hope to compute an eigenvalue close to a guess.

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Specialized codes are much more efficient and allow you to be sure of computing a specific eigenvalue; see Pryce for a survey. Numerical methods for Sturm—Liouville eigenproblems that have been implemented in software include finite difference and finite element discretizations which each lead to generalized algebraic eigenproblems where approximations to a number of the lower eigenvalues are available simultaneously.

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Boundary value problem, second-order homogeneous differential equation, distinct real roots

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Contents 1 Introduction 2 Existence and uniqueness 3 Shooting or marching methods 4 Infinite intervals 5 Numerical methods 6 Sturm—Liouville eigenproblems 7 References 8 Recommended reading 9 External links 10 See also. Sponsored by: Eugene M.

Boundary Value Problems for Higher Order Linear Impulsive Differential Equations

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Boundary Value Problems for Systems of Differential, Difference and Fractional Equations

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