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Marvel announced in that they had moved their printing plant to China and would reprint the Masterworks as a trade paperback line for the third time in celebration of the publisher's then 70th anniversary year, reprinting the Masterworks monthly in the same sequence as they were originally released as the hardcover editions had.

Like the post remastered hardcovers relaunch, this trade paperback line also had both regular and limited alternate variant covers that used the original marble-look style. This series of trade paperbacks reprinted in order of the original hardback releases from Amazing Spider-Man Vol. The Marvel Masterworks trade paperback series was discontinued in and somewhat replaced by the new 'Epic Collection' trade paperback series which began in It is differentiated from the s Silver Age line by the words "Golden Age" on each title, and with the regular dust-jacket colored gold rather than silver.

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The regular editions of these volumes each have red dustjackets instead of silver. The comics reprinted in these volumes were originally produced during a lull in superhero popularity. More recent volumes have included other genres such as pre-Comics Code horror and jungle stories. Marvel started publishing the Atlas Era Masterworks volumes semi-annually, then quarterly before returning to semi-annual.

The line was discontinued in This list is sorted by the order of first publication. When the variant and the regular-cover volume are published on different dates, the regular-edition date or scheduled publishing date is listed.

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When issues have been moved between volumes for later editions, the later-edition placement is listed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.


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Cooperation, altruism and human evolution. Sussman and C. Cloninger eds , Origins of Altruism and Cooperation.

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Pattern and Process in Human Evolution. Decline and demographic changes in the population of the Near Threatened brown lemur Eulemur fulvus on Mayotte. Oryx 45 4 : Tonnabel, I. Tattersall, B.