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Tim Johns teaches at Murray State University in Kentucky, where he runs the film studies program and teaches courses on world literature, anglophone literature, South African literature, and cinema. He is currently working on a book-length monograph on labor and literature in Victorian South Africa.

During his time at Stony Brook, Adrienne Munich was his dissertation chair. She has published two novels and a third will be released this summer She has published articles on eighteenth-century female cross-dressers in British literature; representations of Marie Antoinette and Georgiana Cavendish on film; and eighteenth-century women poets. She is currently working on a larger project on representations of Sapphic desire in eighteenth-century narratives of female cross-dressers, a project she began in her dissertation at Stony Brook University.

Klein teaches a variety of British and American literature survey courses, as well as upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses on eighteenth-century literature, the Gothic, and gender and sexuality. Francis Preparatory School.

Matt Lorenz's dissertation won the awards for best dissertation chapter and best dissertation shared award, in the English Department at Stony Brook. His articles on Transatlantic connections between British Romanticism and American literature have been published in The Arthur Miller Journal , and his book chapters have appeared or are forthcoming in Disabling Romanticism , Adapting Frankenstein, and Jane Austen and Sciences of the Mind. Professor of English, Bucknell University. The book analyzes historical fiction by Caribbean diasporic authors in Britain, Canada and the United States as part of a global literary trend that addresses the relationship between ethnic writers and their audiences.

His specializations include British literature of the Romantic age, book and periodical studies, and the history of literary advertising. After completing his Ph. His research and teaching interests include the negotiation of modernity in the postcolonial context, contemporary South Asian literature and film, critical theories of literature, and of science, technology, and culture.

She develops and delivers workshops for faculty on evidence-based teaching best practices. She also consults one-on-one with faculty on course design, assessment, assignment design, and all aspects of higher education pedagogy.

GRETCHEN J. WOERTENDYKE – Associate Professor of English

Her research interests include medieval long narratives and classical and medieval rhetoric. He is the author of Sexuality and the Culture of Sensibility in the British Romantic Era Palgrave, and a wide array of essays, mostly on 18th and 19th-century women writers. Connor Pitetti studied nineteenth- and twentieth-century American literature at Stony Brook, and wrote his dissertation under the direction of Professors Adrienne Munich, E. His research examined the use of apocalyptic narratives as a strategy for making sense of contemporary ecological crises in twentieth-century science fiction and in architectural writings about the possible futures of urban environments.

Literary style

His research demonstrated that "end of the world" is a popular trope in these archives, particularly popular among writers with explicit environmentalist convictions; nonetheless, he argued that the narrative strategies that center on this trope often foster an intellectual stance that is implicitly hostile to the insights of ecology, and particularly to the ecological convictions that agency is widely distributed in the material world, that historical becoming is open-ended and unpredictable, and that human existence is inextricable from extended networks of relationships with non-human forces and beings.

A in Comparative Literature cum laude and an M. She has not given up her passion for literacy and is currently enrolled in classes to complete her Masters in Information and Library Science. Associate Professor of English, Baker University. Eileen Sperry earned her PhD from Stony Brook's English Department in , where she also completed a certificate in cultural studies.

Atlantic Studies: Global Currents

Her research focuses on early modern lyric, embodiment, and Shakespeare studies. Lecturer, Norwich University. Her research focuses on connections between literature, sexuality, and nineteenth-century theories of perception and she has published articles on Vernon Lee, Olive Schreiner, and Henry James. At Norwich, she teaches first-year composition and literature. Stephanie Wade is associate professor and director of writing at Unity College, where she teaching college composition, creative writing, and environmental studies.

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For, in utilising the recognisable tropes and motifs of popular expressions of the frontier and subverting them, Three Burials suggests a broader and a more inclusive telling of one of the most controversial and disputed areas of the present-day U. Borderlands - la Frontera: the New Mestiza []. San Francisco: Aunt Lute Books, Barthes, Roland. Annette Lavers []. London: Vintage, Cook, Pam, and Mieke Bernink. The Cinema Book. London: British Film Institute, John King, Ana M. Etulain, Richard W.

Boston: St. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, Harvey, David. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing, Lapsley, Robert, and Michel Westlake. Film Theory: An Introduction.

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Manchester: Manchester University Press, Leach, Neil, ed. London: Routledge, Limerick, Patricia N. London: W. Magowan, Kim.

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Paz, Octavio. The Labyrinth of Solitude. London: Penguin, Pomeroy, Earl. Schultz, Kimberly. Peter C. Lexington: the University Press of Kentucky, Walker, Janet.

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