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Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. March 27, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase.

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I recently threw out a Samsung tablet because of its flaky performance and bought a more expensive iPad Mini instead. Apple can't help because the ad is part of the DMO's product offering. It makes using the DM site impossible. DM is colluding in this with Amazon, obviously, and between them they're making it impossible to use the device for their site.

I'm a substantial user of Amazon but will now start buying elsewhere to the greatest degree possible, I won't be accessing the DMO site, since I hate being bullied into doing anything and I've sent my Kindle back to Amazon to show my disgust - there are plenty of e readers out there. Everyone has come out a loser here.

Amazon stinks. October 28, - Published on Amazon. I have never owned an Apple device until I got my 4th gen iPad. This did help me with a few of the odds and ends in setting up and using my iPad as a bit more of an expert, a bit sooner than I might have done it on my own. But for anyone that already has an iPhone or an older gen iPad, you pretty much already know whats in this book.

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And if I wasn't the impatient sort, I could probably have learned this stuff via google and taking a bit more time. March 17, - Published on Amazon. I bought my first iPad at the age of 66, and the salesgirl was very helpful in setting up the basics for me. However, without this book to guide me through all the many features my use of the tablet would have been very limited, and I'm having fun finding out what I can do with my device, as well as saving money turning off features which I don't need.

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A very helpful and comprehensive guide which should be on sale in the computer shops at a discount to those who buy an iPad! I love my mini and use it daily.

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Mostly user-friendly, but there is a learning curve. Must purchase a good app for office-type use as the document tool provided isn't enough.


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The Inside Guide to the iPad…. My iPad mini covers iOS 7. Tout sur ma tablette iPad Mini…. The iPad and iPad mini Pocket…. Das Buch zum neuen iPad und…. Tout sur mon iPad Air et iPad….

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Das iPad mit iOS…. Related Searches. My parents are official iPad users. I began writing this book when I realized that I began writing this book when I realized that they could check Facebook, but didn't have the faintest idea how to make the text size bigger on Safari and a number of other things