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Locus solum : from the rules of logic to the logic of rules. Papers from the meeting held in Tokyo, March April 2, Coherent banach spaces : a continuous denotational semantics.

Linear logic, I Tokyo, Theoretical Computer Science, , no. On denotational completeness. On the meaning of logical rules I : syntax versus semantics. Computational logic Marktoberdorf, , U. Berger and H. Series F Comput. Systems Sci. Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, 3. Elsevier Science B. Girard Jean-Yves Geometry of interaction. F Comput.

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Cambridge University Press, Cambridge , Pure Appl. Logic 59, no. Symbolic Logic 57, no. Bounded linear logic: a modular approach to polynomial-time computability, Theoret. Girard Jean-Yves Logic and exceptions: a few remarks, J. Logic Comput. Logic Found.

Special issue: Jean van Heijenoort. Modern Logic 2, no.

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Normal forms and cut-free proofs as natural transformations, Logic from computer science Berkeley, CA, , , Math. Girard Jean-Yves Quantifiers in linear logic. Abrusci V. II, J. Symbolic Logic 55, no. Bounded linear logic: a modular approach to polynomial time computability extended abstract , Feasible mathematics Ithaca, NY, , , Progr.

Logic, 9, Birkh? Girard Jean-Yves, Freyd P. Girard Jean-Yves Normal functors, power series and lambda-calculus, Ann. Logic 37, no. I, Logic and combinatorics Arcata, Calif. Girard Jean-Yves Pi 1 2 -logic and related topics, Proceedings of the conferences on mathematical logic, Vol. Siena , Monographs, 1. Bibliopolis, Naples, , Girard Jean-Yves Linear logic, Theoret.

Pure Math. Girard Jean-Yves Introduction to Pi 1 2 -logic, The present state of the problem of the foundations of mathematics Florence, Synthese 62, no. Logic 28, no.

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A functorial construction of the Bachmann hierarchy, J. Symbolic Logic 49, no. A functorial construction of the Veblen hierarchy, J. Girard Jean-Yves and Reznikoff I. Logik Grundlag. Logic Foundations Math. Girard Jean-Yves Proof-theoretic investigations of inductive definitions. I, Logic and algorithmic Zurich, , pp. Symbolic Logic 46, no. Girard Jean-Yves Pi 1 2 -logic. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, your email address may not be registered, and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account.

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