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City Guide: Paris

Can new walking tours and a mile track mend centuries of misunderstanding and distrust? Published: AM. Top 10 budget restaurants and bistros in Paris. Published: PM. We even have a typical French balcony. I love the shower too. Click HERE for the best rates.

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In the morning we start the day at Maison Nabis with a perfect French croissant, granola and fruit. After a long day of exploring Paris, we open the door to our room and find a little card on the floor. It offers us 2 glasses of champagne on the house downstairs! I LOVE this place. Happy Cultures has a couple of hotels in the city and when you book a room in one, you can use the services at the other hotels too. What a vibe!

The kitchen likes to sing and dance and the fusion dishes with Moroccan, Israeli and French influences are absolutely delicious. When a chef with 3 Michelin Stars is having dinner next to you, you know you came to the right place. The playlist is one of the best I have ever heard at a restaurant and is a mix of Mmmbob by Hanson, The Backstreet Boys, Eastern music and a whole lot more. Having dinner at Balagan is an experience. An experience I would love to have again, when I go back!

What to Expect in Paris

I think my name should have been Balagan Pijnappels… A full blogpost is coming up soon. This restaurant is run by the famous Alajmo family.

Paris Tourism | Paris Guide

They own restaurants with Michelin Stars in Italy. A full blogpost about this place will be up on the blog soon. Giovanni made us feel right at home. Pink Mamma: WOW! Try to find a seat on the top floor! Try the Double Truffle Pizza or the truffle pasta and you will hear the angels sing. Trust me.

The Louvre might get most of the attention, but there are plenty of other great museums in the city.

This is a very prestigious avenue in Paris with cinemas, cafes, luxury specialty shops. Come in the very early morning to see the place utterly deserted. It makes for great photos. See burial sites of French heroes. Admission is 7. The Jardin du Luxembourg is the largest public park in Paris. The garden contains just over a hundred statues, monuments, and fountains, all scattered throughout the grounds.

At lunch on a nice day, a park full of people having a picnic which is something I highly recommend you do!

The home to starving artists for decades, this area gives you a stunning view of Paris. Climb from the north tower to the south to appreciate the masonry, and get a close-up view of the Gallery of Chimeras, the fantastic birds and beasts gazing over the balustrade. The outside facade has been cleaned up in recent years but the inside has a bit of that old Gothic grimy charm. To climb the tower, it costs 10 EUR. This monument stands in the center of the Place Charles de Gaulle and is one of the most famous landmarks in Paris.

Every July 14th, a group of spectacular events in Paris celebrates the infamous storming of the Bastille during the French Revolution. This is French independence day and one of liveliest days in the country. Every July and August, Paris rolls out the inflatable screen in the Parc de la Villete for this major outdoor cinema event in the 9th arrondissement.

This beautiful apartment dates to Its most famous resident was the writer Victor Hugo, who moved here when he was His old apartment is now a museum dedicated to his life and writing. The museum is quite small, but Hugo like me lovers will find it very interesting. Open daily except Mondays from 10am-6pm. The French resistance used these tunnels during World War II, and rave parties flourished there during the 90s.

Paris Attractions Guide

Within this maze of tunnels, lie the famous Catacombs of Paris. Here you can visit the tunnels and see the old burial sites of the city. It costs 27 EUR.

There is an especially abundant amount of good jazz clubs in the city. Budget hotel prices — You can find two-star budget hotels starting at 50 EUR per night that are within a mile or two of the city center.

Paris City Guide | Trouvaille

These hotels have free WiFi. Rooms with more amenities like air-conditioning and free breakfast start at 60 EUR. Average cost of food — Expect to pay between EUR for dinner at a nice restaurant including wine. Luckily, buying your own food is cheap. There are many bread, cheese, markets, and meat shops throughout the city.

Creating your own meal will cost around EUR, depending on what you buy and if you get wine.

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If you want to eat at a restaurant the French are known for their culinary skills, after all! To save even more money, consider lunch instead of dinner which, in France, is still typically 2 courses. Every other block has a metro subway stop. The day pass, called ParisVisite, also gives you discounts to some major Parisian landmarks. You can buy tickets at any metro station. Note: There are cheaper day passes available if you are under 26, as well as discounted prices on weekends and holidays, but they are only explained on the French website.