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Find out more. This course is for anyone who wants to brush up on their basic mathematical skills, particularly students in the last year of high school, or at the beginning of undergraduate studies, who intend to take a first course in calculus. I am a professor of mathematics at the University of Lyon. I am professor of mathematical analysis at the University of Padova.

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Among my interests: magic, tango, photography, innovative teaching, technology and e-learning. I am a professor of algebra at the University of Padova and I teach at the science and engineering faculties.

I like very much math and classical music. I am Postdoc researcher at Inria Paris.

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My research field is mainly sub-Riemannian geometry. Among my interests: photography, swimming and science communication.

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I'm a mathematician expert in the fields of homological algebra and applied category theory. I'm also interested in photography, bike and powerlifting. Start this course for free , upgrade for extra benefits, or buy Unlimited to access this course and hundreds of other short courses for a year. You can use the hashtag FLadvancedprecalculus to talk about this course on social media. We use cookies to give you a better experience.

PreCalculus Lesson 1

Search Search. In pre-calculus, you can rest easy knowing that a geometric shape is always basically the same, so you can find its area with a formula using certain measurements and a standard formula. No more nice, pretty formulas to find area here; instead, you use a process called integration which can also be termed nice and pretty. Calculus: You study the volume of interesting shapes called solids of revolution.

The geometric solids you find volume for prisms, cylinders, and pyramids, for example have formulas that are always the same, based on the basic shapes of the solids and their dimensions.

The way to find the volume of a solid of revolution, though, is to cut the shape into infinitely small slices and find the volume of each slice. Calculus: You study objects moving with acceleration.

An Overview of Precalculus Topics

Using algebra, you can find the average rate of change of an object over a certain time interval. Using calculus, you can find the instantaneous rate of change for an object at an exact moment in time. Calculus: You study changes to functions in terms of x, with those changes in terms of t. Graphs of functions referred to as f x , can be created by plotting points. Multiplying complex numbers : Complex numbers Complex conjugates and dividing complex numbers : Complex numbers Identities with complex numbers : Complex numbers Absolute value and angle of complex numbers : Complex numbers Polar form of complex numbers : Complex numbers Multiplying and dividing complex numbers in polar form : Complex numbers.


Adding and subtracting polynomials: two variables : Polynomials The binomial theorem : Polynomials The fundamental theorem of algebra : Polynomials. Polynomial division : Polynomials Solving equations by graphing : Polynomials. Composite functions.

Composing functions : Composite functions Modeling with composite functions : Composite functions Verifying inverse functions by composition : Composite functions. Invertible functions : Composite functions. Inverse trigonometric functions : Trigonometry Sinusoidal equations : Trigonometry Sinusoidal models : Trigonometry.

Trigonometric identities : Trigonometry Angle addition identities : Trigonometry Using trigonometric identities : Trigonometry. Vectors introduction : Vectors Magnitude of vectors : Vectors Scalar multiplication : Vectors Vector addition and subtraction : Vectors Combined vector operations : Vectors.