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File types for offline prices:. The 3D modeling software that you use to create your design may offer you a way to export it to. Not all modeling software, however, offers this approach. For example, with most CAD software, a sphere is described as an object with a specific diameter or radius. Currently, you can upload your designs in either millimeters or inches. Please be careful that you select the correct unit and that your model is sized accordingly. Many printing problems can be traced to surface issues. Zero Thickness As mentioned above, all walls need to have a thickness.

Make them solid by adding wall thicknesses to your design or closing the gap between the open surfaces.

Six-year-old Helena had a malignant tumor in her upper left leg. Faced with the possibility of amputation, Helena's doctors saw that 3D Printing could offer a better solution.

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Masterclass in Metal 3D Printing. Getting started with Metal 3D Printing? Regardless of the industry you operate in, success in Metal 3D Printing depends on your mastery of the printing process.


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Materialise World Summit May Materialise is a provider of 3D Printing software and services in a variety of industries: healthcare, automotive, consumer products, etc. Materialise World Summit The eyewear industry — in terms of both frames and lenses — is growing at a rapid pace.

A number of factors are driving that.

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Demographics for one. Globally we have an aging population, traditionally a major segment of the market. As well as meeting the needs of those customers Its reliability, durability and extremely flexible nature, according Giovanni Vleminckx, Research Project Manager in our process engineering unit. We recently sat down with Giovanni, who researches all new materials and tec Leuven Belgium , September 9, — Materialise, a global leader in 3D printing solutions, has extended its 3D printing materials offering with the new Ultrasint TPU TPU is a fully-functional, flexible material, making it ideal for resistant and elastic parts.

i.Materialise Announces New Smooth Detail Resin 3D Printing Material

Today, Materialise is the first Every year, the design team at Samsonite Europe in Oudenaarde, Belgium, creates several fresh collections of hard-shell suitcases for the European market. Some are facelifts, some are completely new collection Materialise HeartPrint. Use a physical, 3D printed heart model of your patient's unique cardiovascular anatomy to prepare for interventions. Plan the best and most appropriate surgery and make sure we minimize our errors in judgment.

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The Materialise HeartPrint Flex material results in realistic, highly flexible and translu Although it has grown into a manufacturing technology for a wide variety of industries, the prototyping application still plays an important role for many automotive industries worldwide. World-famous car manufacturer H Factory of the Future.

When it comes to innovation, Materialise has always been a frontrunner.