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Other instanton effects related to quark-quark forces, confinement, the U 1 problem and Borel summability are also discussed. The emphasis is on presenting the basic ideas in a simple pedagogical way. Technical tools like functional methods, Grassman integrals, homotopy classification, collective coordinates etc. The presentation of this work is kept at a fairly simple level, and ideas are developed through illustrative examples.

Solitons Instantons Volume Introduction by Rajaraman

Techniques not covered in older field theory textbooks, such as functional integral methods, are presented in some detail to the necessary extent. These techniques are important in their own right. The book is mainly addressed to particle physicists and quantum field theorists.

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Nonperturbative Methods in Quantum Field Theory - Mohamed M. Anber

The number is usually counted by given a solution and we try to find how many infinitisiaml perturbation of this solution , known as zero modes, is the index for this solution space, usually called moduli space. When we consider a Yang-Mills theory with an instanton background instead of a pure Yang-Mills theory.

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