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With an OverDrive account, you can save your favorite libraries for at-a-glance information about availability. Find out more about OverDrive accounts. Maryana Vollstedt, queen of the best-selling Big Book series, has put the luck back in potluck with more than delicious, no-nonsense recipes.

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From Chile Cheese Wheels and citrusy Sunburst Salad, to Moroccan Chicken with Dates and Couscous and luscious Hazelnut-Cappuccino Cake, these crowd-pleasing dishes are perfect for toting to family reunions, book clubs, showers, church suppers, picnics, and parties galore - and have everyone begging for the recipe. With tips for streamlining preparation and suggestions for transporting treats safely, this heartwarming collection guarantees that dish will go home empty!

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Please review the types of cookies we use below. The church newsletter detailed the "simple" menu of "casserole dinners of noodles, vegetables and bean varieties, meat loaves, three kinds of potato salads, three varieties of cole slaw, salmon mold, five fruit and vegetable jello molds, potato chips, pickles, olives, bread and butter sandwiches, cakes, cookies, candy and coffee!

If the congregation worried about the temptations awaiting their young people after World War I, the anxiety reached a fever pitch in the s. Anxious parents, worried that their adolescents growing up in the city might get into knife fights or drive Mercuries over cliffs, turned to the church for help. In these years the congregation organized a variety of activities to keep the youth coming to church; the planners knew that if you feed young people, they will come.

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Confirmation class "graduates" were invited to join the junior high fellowship at a party, "and if you don't come, there is something wrong with you because they always have a very good time and I sincerely hope that you will become a very active member of that group for they do a great deal of good and have lots of fun as well. At the peak of the national folk music craze the youth group hosted a "Hootenanny" which attracted over one hundred teens from neighboring churches.

Of course Pizza, beverages, and other refreshments all soft! These events kept the church's young people out of real nightclubs and in the church. The church's food events through much of the twentieth century presented its members with models for society. Adult dinners reflected gender roles, while youth events encouraged wholesome and churchly behavior. Changes in urban America in the s, however, challenged these traditional models. Lincoln Park, the once stable neighborhood around St.

Pauls, changed as long-time German residents moved further away from the center city. Large rowhouses were divided into small apartments, housing a mixture of elderly residents and a growing community of single young people. The family night suppers and youth activities did not appeal to these new constituencies.

One pastor observed after a picnic that many families and new members attended, but "missing in our family gathering, however, were older adults and single persons. In response, the congregation created food-centered social events to welcome these missing groups. In the church planned a "Family of Faith Thanksgiving" dinner on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Pauls who may have no family nearby will join us.

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Pauls' German heritage. In St. Pauls began to sponsor a series of "after church 'coffee clatsches' [ sic ] for the young 'career' men and women who so often join us for morning worship but who yet remain strangers to St. Pauls and to each other.

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It opened the gym for a monthly volleyball game, mainly for the young adults. Previous food events at St. Pauls modeled traditional gender roles and nuclear family structures. In response to a changing urban environment, the congregation adopted a more inclusive model, accommodating single adults. This shift also affected traditional family nights, which were broadened to include the whole congregation. The Family Life Committee wanted its meals to "be a time when groups of people having diversified interests such as the volleyball group and the Frauenverein could enjoy together some of the life at St.

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In general, however, St. Pauls shifted away from large social events in the s and s, for a variety of reasons. Most practically, there were fewer volunteers available to make the food. In the pastor asked the Mothers Club "to cook and serve dinners for some of the church functions. In the Congregational Life Committee abandoned its monthly "Fun 'n' Games Nights" during daylight savings time, when people were distracted by other claims on their time. A year later the committee announced that it was reducing the number of church-sponsored social events "to prevent 'burn-out.

Alongside these practical reasons, the s saw a tide of theological and ethical critiques of church social events; these criticisms no doubt reached St.

Pauls, a liberal and theologically astute congregation. Just before and after the beginning of the decade, a group of social critics, most importantly Gibson Winter in his Suburban Captivity of the Churches , attacked Protestant "organization churches" for their "trivialization of the religious enterprise. A young Martin Marty warned readers that "laymen can become so organized and their activities so routinized that the machinery of church life, smoothly oiled, takes the place of the deity in many a hierarchy of values.

In the face of this critique, liberal congregations like St. Pauls shifted their food events away from feeding their own members, and shifted towards feeding strangers. At St. Pauls the "Mothers of the church" had been doing this work for years. Often during the Christmas holidays, members of the Frauen Verein and the Dorcas Society visited the indigent, taking food along. In "a large number gathered" and went to the county home for the elderly, making "many happy by treating them with sandwiches made with the famous Rubschlager rye bread, homemade doughnuts, cakes, jellies, etc.

The Christmas visit to the County Hospital brought gifts of glasses of jelly, boxes of cookies and candy, 30 shoulder capes, oranges and gifts for the 'forgotten men. In the congregation helped to sponsor an summer education and work program for city youth, mainly minorities. To help solve the hunger problem, women in the congregations are preparing hundreds of sandwiches for daily lunches.

In response, a group of churches organized an open pantry to "provide food and other necessities for families which have been unable to make ends meet. The first Sunday of the month was "Pantry Sunday," when members brought contributions of canned goods to worship. Responding to a different needy group, the church also cosponsored a weekly lunch for neighborhood seniors in need of a good meal. Another agency supported by the church hosted a Christmas dinner for street people.

Volunteers are needed for kitchen duty and to visit with the guests. But while members of the church took food out to poor neighbors, it began to invite them inside as well, after a precedent was set in During the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, protesters against the Vietnam War gathered in a park near the church.

When police used horses and teargas to clear the park, the pastors of St. Pauls opened the church as a shelter for young people fleeing the park and the streets. They were fed by some of the women of the church, many of whom could imagine their own children or grandchildren in this situation. With the gentrification of Lincoln Park and the deinstitutionalization of the mentally ill, the neighborhood's homeless population grew in the early s.

Working with three neighboring congregations in the fall of , St.

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Pauls opened its doors as a temporary overnight shelter during the winter months. By the end of that winter, the shelter had provided "bed nights", as well as serving a hot meal. The shelter served meals once a week during the summer months. By the shelter had two staff members, visiting health care providers, and a literacy project. It served thirty-two guests per night. Stewart, you should find worthy advice and helpful household and cooking tips in Minimalist Kitchen. I did this just last night. How did my blender beaters get tucked all the way in the back corner?

Melissa Coleman refers to When I travel, half of my enjoyment comes from experiencing regional foods. The opportunity to drop in at dinner time at the homes of complete strangers who happen to be excellent home cooks sounds like a dream come true. With Paladares , recipes mix with photography and As a former bartender, I studied beer for years. Did you know there's a family-run brewery in Germany that opened in ? Now any time I see someone drinking this style of beer, I can't help but spew I especially like that her well-developed recipes pay attention to not only full-flavored soups, but also to the amount of time it takes to make them.

Her recipes take an hour or under of active cooking time. Even better, she includes quick breads and biscuit recipes to make the full meal deal.

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Anyone who wants to cook a This stunning cookbook is one of my favorites from recent years. My largest issue with cookbooks is always the lack of menu instruction — yes, this meat dish is delicious, but what do I cook with it? What drink will pair best? Which dessert should I try?

Karen Mordechai creates gorgeous menus for the most wonderful occasions, thinking about how the foods will mingle together depending on the situation. It's a rarity in cookbooks and it makes Eat dessert like the Obamas! Former White House pastry chef, Bill Yosses, developed dessert recipes for the Obama family that kept the flavor but reduced the sugar content. So if cutting out dessert is not an option, this sugared-down cookbook is a great choice.

This is a very worthy addition to my Southern food book collection. Recommended by Robin F. Hunger is the heartbreaking story of one woman's body — a body that is too large, a body that is too brown, a body that is too female.