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Some of the best cartoonists I know are thin skinned, sensitive and take criticism really personally. I know a cartoonist who literally had to delete her facebook account due to people making fun of her comic online. So who the hell am I to look these folks in the eye and tell them that sorry, the thin skinned need not apply. Go find work in a basement away from the public. The best cartoonists I know are the most insecure.

I can speak to this personally, too. When I got started making comics in my teens, I was but a delicate flower.

One of my commenters recently threatened to punch me in the genitals unless I change my comic to his liking. It freaked me out a little. Anyway, I was able to delete his comment and get on with my day. It had a really engaging style, synthesizing the best of manga and webcomics aesthetics.

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When I started Demon several years ago, I knew it would be a hard sell. But I had no idea how hard. At my lowest point, I was sitting on penciled pages of insane depraved filth that no publisher wanted to touch with a 10 foot pole.

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Having just spent the previous three years on the project, I decided to double down, throw a few more years into the project and start tossing the book up on the web for free. Keeping up with a daily webcomics schedule, mailings, and the convention circuit almost broke my will and spirit as a human. Thanks to YOU, Demon went from an unknown webcomic with a daily readership in the double digits to one of the most successful comics in my career.

Your tweets and facebook recommendations and patreon pledges turned the project around to the point where not just one but multiple publishers were interested in it again. Reading the comments, fan art, jokes and criticism have been a daily highlight for me too. Demon will be a published book after all. For those curious about the details of the collection, Fist Second is planning to publish it in 4 volumes. The first one comes out in the fall of with a new volume every 4 months over the next year.

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Publishing is an old business, but First Second is one of the few publishers who are smart and courageous about the web and social media. If you want to be one of the lucky few who own a complete run of hand crafted riso printed Demon booklets, you can get them on patreon for a few more days anyway.

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Stay tuned for more info on that. How can I get a girl I like and am friends with to see me as potential boyfriend material??? First you should find out if she likes you too! If she laughs, then that means she might like you and you should ask her to go and see Trainwreck with you. When you get to the ticket booth, offer to pay.

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  7. After the movie, go get some dessert or coffee. On the walk home, make a joke about how small her hands are. You can also make a joke about how you bet she has really small genitals. Either of you can abort mission at any time and both have plausible deniability and go back to being friends. That way madness lies. The impersonal greed of that event left me reluctant to request signatures — which I realize is at odds with my liking the individual touch and bit of connection which an inscription brings.

    I LOVE signing books. To me, the utilitarian calculus on this is pretty simple. By comparison, when I was at Angouleme last year, the woman next to me had brought a watercolor set and was doing full on 20 minute illustrations for anyone who bought her book. I especially love signing books for children.

    At one event, a kid came up and asked if he could have 2 signatures. A: Sorry Burt. I should be able to tell you something within a month or so. Q: Can the flastical simply move extraordinarily fast such that it seems instantaneous? Chapter 11 was originally going to be a lot longer but thought readers would get bored with 12 pages of the professor explaining flastical. The fact that flasticals are in another dimension also would affect how photons interact with it.

    In fact above the plane of the universe, it could be some completely different particle or wave altogether with its own set of physics. Q: If there are Demons, are there people called angles, too? Would they have the reverse effect of a demons power absorbing the nearest person who dies into themselves?

    A: I love it! I feel most graphic novels that size can be a bit of a slog due to the burden of proving the literary potential of the medium. The big idea in the case of The Sculptor is something I think a lot of cartoonists can relate to.

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    Namely, why are we doing this!!!??? Why are we all throwing away our lives, our youth and vitality all for some pile of shitty comics!!??? This is crazy!!! The story begins when a sculptor decides to make a bargain with death. He will die in days in exchange for the ability to sculpt anything. Did I mention this book has a really simple premise?

    Anyway, he goes around trying to get noticed in the art world. I was moved but I dunno. But seriously, dude? But as she explains, her medication dulls her experience of the world. Maybe it causes constipation or something too. All I want to do is end the relationship and move on with my life and breathe fresh air again. It rang so true and honest, it was almost embarrassing to read.

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    I also found it really moving how the main character sticks it out with her. I can say I really wanted this couple to make it. This, despite the main character being something of an douchebag. I said it. I knew an artist once who had a rule that he would be a virgin forever. It was funny when he was a teenager. I too once filled my life with stupid rules.

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    I used to have a rule that I would never eat fast food.