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Perhaps I can shed some more light on these concepts later on with the wonderful secrets from Paradise that I have to share with you. Let us start with how it really began for us all, for the human race. Perhaps then, in this most defining moment in all history, we can begin to address something that we may all be looking for deep down. Making sense of it all cannot happen with the masses, but with thinking individuals like you who intuitively pick up little books like this perhaps it can.

For you there is a deeper understanding that can be regained in the connection we reach for called Paradise. A connection that can rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit and begin to make sense of a larger picture that is unfolding on our planet at this critical juncture in our time. The Hawaiian tradition of sharing wisdom comes from storytelling. The old ones, the ancestors, considered all life a symbolic metaphor and contended that the truth may be closer to legend, myth and fairytale than we realize.

Truth is the source behind the inspiration of creativity. Whenever you experience joy, in the Hawaiian interpretation, a part of you knows that you are hearing the true voice of God. There are places in the beautiful islands of Hawaii where one can go to get in touch with things at a deeper level.

Hawaii is the perfect stage setting for such connections, if you know what to look for and how to look.

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That is the purpose of this book. The great thinkers who mold our way of life as well as concerned everyday individuals must now have places to go where they can stand outside of their situations and process. These places within the islands have special energy and are incredibly healing and inspirational. From such a place on the Big Island that I call the Edge of Eternity, this is the legend of how it all began as it came to me intuitively.

Long, long ago, after the density and the separation but before time was given its meaning, there existed the Kingdom of LeMuria, held in legend and folklore the world over as Mu. Hawaiian legend says that their islands of Paradise are the tips of that continent. If the history called Mankind were an inch on a yardstick, the time legend knows as Atlantis would show up as six inches before that, somewhat overlapping the rest of the measurement, framing LeMuria.

Before that was a land called Pan. Although the creature spirits of Pan prevailed and intermingled with the culture of LeMuria, it is the latter that is the interest of this work. The God-force that permeated all life was called huna, the invisible life essence. Stewards of this force were called kahunas, ambassadors of the essence. This time before time was a Heaven on Earth. The children of the most high God lived as though immortal without concern or disease.

Once upon that time. It happened one day around sunset while they were playing one of the games of life. No one really knows how it happened, only that it had to do with taking the game too seriously. For a while the Children had used a silly concept called darkness in an effort to contrast the boundaries of their joy, which was limitless before that time.

This came after the notion of an angry storm but far before the sillier notion of good guys and bad guys. The only actual offense committed by the Children was in forgetting that it was a game to begin with and therein began the serious and far-reaching consequences. Still being Children playing games, they were unaware of the disastrous effects that could result in crossing a small thin line.

A line that separated innocence from ignorance. Several other things happened during this time of game playing. Certain of these Children, because of their aptitudes, were made stewards of pieces of their wisdom. In a forgetful mood—no one quite remembered why—one such kahuna child one day withheld his wisdom when it was needed.

Others emulated this silly game as Children are known to do, like little monkeys. Finding the game distasteful the rest of the Children ignored them, unaware that this ignorance was still a form of playing the game. Proportionately a strange and eerie feeling began to seed itself in their little tummies, just below the navel.

The Rainbow was the most beautiful phenomenon in their garden playground. Bridging the two basic play worlds, its brilliance was more real than anything in their denser reality. The Rainbow was also dependable and normally followed the Children through each twilight and into the night. They were curious, as all children are, and always exploring the endless variety of life.

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They very much enjoyed the game called learning, from the great library they knew as their Earth Mother. Perhaps this is why the Rainbow was taken for granted, even though it was the most vivid of their realities. The Rainbow was at the center of all their earlier games. Its substance could be physically traveled upon to other worlds and dimensions. The Rainbow inverted itself at night into a mirror, which was the source of wonderment and magic and the time the Children looked forward to most of all.

In its mirror the children were able to dance and play with all their ancestors, feeling the reassurance of departed loved ones and hearing their wonderful stories and legends. Here, in the wonder of magical nightfall, the games of the day were cleansed away so that fresh ones could be started anew on the morrow. The night was created for this mirroring, for strengthening their connection and for remembering.

It also served to contrast and complement the sometimes blinding daylight. Through the night they would feel the deeper love of their ancestors and their Maker and rest in the comfort of immortality.

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The night always brought trust. Then one night something was different. The Children knew it. It had started earlier that day during one of their games. It was the first time they paid any attention to that funny, uncomfortable feeling inside. In the eleventh hour a murmur rippled through the crowd of little upturned faces. Deep swallows produced a moment of silence and the funny feeling flooded their being, defining itself as something that they had never felt before: fear.

It was almost unbearable. Desperately they cuddled together, searching the skies. Laka Hina, the Moon Goddess, made her sojourn across the sky in silence.

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But this time there was no rainbow. The connection had been severed. The unbearable fear engulfed them, plagued by their moans of sadness. The sounds of their own moans rippled throughout the desperate gathering.

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They survived the night until morning, realizing somehow they had caused what had happened. The crisp morning air was permeated with an icy silence. It echoed as shudders throughout their being and almost to the bottom of their souls as something that had never haunted them before. From then on, this feeling was known as abandonment. That day a new game began in Paradise based upon the fear of the coming nightfall. For the first time many Children were out sick.

The rumor was stomach problems. The rest of the Children, except for a few, showed up with their tummy aches and played at the game anyway, but this time with a new role—victim. More information about this seller Contact this seller.

The Secrets and Mysteries of Hawaii: A Call to the Soul

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