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I admit to being exceptionally stubborn, but if I can change, I thought, then anyone can change! The breakthrough insights sprang from research done again, at Johns Hopkins University in the s.

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It turned out that all three kinds of therapy worked just as well. When this type of study was repeated, the results were still the same: Every kind of psychotherapy was helpful, but no kind was significantly more helpful than others. The common denominator was that going to therapy inspired a new sense of hope for the patients — the belief and expectation that they would overcome their troubles. The key factor was the chemistry of the emotionally charged relationship formed by the patient and the therapist, not the techniques.

After we try rationally informing and educating people, we resort to scare tactics. The strongest force for change is crisis, which creates the greatest fear. Despite all this, I believe that whatever the unexpected challenge or opportunity, people can change the deep-rooted patterns of how they think, feel, and act. Because I believe that change can occur with surprising speed and that change can endure, my mission is to replace these three misconceptions about change — the three Fs of facts, fear, and force — with the three keys to change.

At best they break even on the rentals. The Rule of One or Two in car rentals is sell insurance. He, like every other employee, looked at the walk as his crucial cue about what really mattered most. Schulz sincerely embraced those values. To many in the room, the idea seemed preposterous. But then, in , Howard Schulz wrote a memo to his executives that was leaked to the media.

The customers could chat with the baristas and cultivate friendships with them. He did what real leaders have to do: follow the Rule of One or Two. Leaders who strive to create cultural, social, and political change need to practice the Rule of One or Two as well.

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Eleanor Roosevelt understood it brilliantly. That meant that women needed to make their own money and have their own You Show What Comes First 53 political voice and power. The reasoning was that their husbands already provided the family an income, even though the Department of Labor found that nine out of ten of these women needed their jobs in the hard times of the Great Depression—and many of their families wound up foreclosing on their mortgages or depleting their life savings to survive. Even now, seven decades later, no other First Lady has dared to do so.

Say what you think. In the Gallup Poll showed that Eleanor had an even higher approval rating with voters 67 percent than Franklin did. For years the nation had been plagued with violence and threatened with civil war. That seemed like a nearly impossible challenge.

Mandela needed to make South Africans believe it was possible, and he did so through his own extraordinary personal example.

He was an unlikely peacemaker. Mandela had a history of youthful militancy. And he was a man with reason to hate: he had spent twenty-seven years and six months in prison serving a life sentence. Mandela appointed one of his former prison wardens to a prestigious ambassadorship. The previous year the Wildcats had started the season with a winning streak. Westminster was one of the wealthiest private schools in the nation, and its community felt entitled to be winners.

Westminster was a Christian school, and its administrators were serious about their mission. Coach Romberg called an emergency meeting of the team. Before they assembled, though, many of the players conferred with each other and devised their own strategy for the confrontation. A group of twenty players, mostly juniors and seniors, decided that they would all confess together that they had consumed alcohol that season, too.

By acting in solidarity, the players expected that they would be the ones to hold power in this situation, not Coach Romberg. Gerry Romberg convened the emergency meeting, and he asked the team: Who among you has had an alcoholic drink this season? The cabal of twenty players all raised their hands. Without hesitation, Romberg kicked them all off the team for the season. He upheld the Rule of One or Two, and winning at football was neither No.

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Hill was nervous as the game began, but he performed extremely well: he ran for three touchdowns and passed for a fourth. Westminster won by a score of 42 to It had come about unexpectedly: only the previous year, the outlook for American business had seemed so promising. The s had been booming years. Dave Packard felt so comfortable about the state of the business that he accepted an offer to move from Palo Alto, California, to Washington, D. But then, in early , America lurched from prosperity to recession. They pared their outlays for advertising and for promising research and development projects.

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The biggest industries had an awful year. The airlines struggled because many companies cut back on business travel and families postponed taking expensive vacations. Detroit cut its annual production of cars from 8. The Dow Jones stock market index fell to an eight-year low. Unemployment shot up from 3. Even though America was still immersed in the Vietnam War, the Pentagon began deep cuts in its spending, which shocked many northern California electronics companies that relied on defense contracts, including HewlettPackard. Everyone needed to cut their operating costs to get their companies through the downturn.

Meanwhile these CEOs and their top executives held tightly to their own positions and privileges, their high pay and enviable perks. He knew that leaders had to share the struggle with You Share the Struggle and the Risk 63 their people. Hewlett asked for every HP employee to take one unpaid day off every two weeks.

And that meant everyone, from himself and his top executives to the receptionists and the janitors.

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  6. The whole place would simply shut down every other Friday. Sharing the struggle, the risk, and the hardship is one of the most crucial things you do when you walk the walk.

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    Why Leaders Need to Do More Than Walk the Walk – Innovation Business Partners, Inc.

    Al Gore did everything possible to be a leader—except sharing the struggle. He reached millions of people through his Oscar-winning documentary and best-selling book, An Inconvenient Truth. He conveyed a sense of great urgency. He spoke with intelligence and conviction. He trained more than one thousand people, from the actress Cameron Diaz in Hollywood to the clerks at Wal-Mart in midwestern towns, to give his PowerPoint presentation to their friends and neighbors.

    It was four times the size of the average American house, and it consumed twelve times as much energy as the typical house in the city of Nashville. If Al Gore were a real leader, he would have sold the palatial Belle Mead house and moved into a cute little bungalow. He would downsize to the average square footage of the American house circa 1, square feet or, better yet, circa square feet. But any architect could have told him that a 10,square-foot house tricked out with every ecological feature would still consume more energy than the most conventional 5,square-foot McMansion, let alone a 1,square-foot bungalow.

    If Al Gore, the self-styled Mr. Green Building Council. The reality is that the EcoManor was two to three times as large as the other houses on its block—and would use more energy than any of them. My wife, Susan, grew up in that neighborhood, and her closest childhood friend lived across the street from the lot that eventually gave rise to the EcoManor. The Ford Motor Company was losing billions of dollars a year. It desperately needed to change. And so, in , Ford appointed Mark Fields as president of its North American operation, which was the most troubled part of the global company.

    Is there any wonder why no one listened to Mark Fields—or followed him? Leaders shared the struggle with their followers.