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UK study shows waste plastic can replace sand in concrete The Engineer

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Mohammed, A. Dawson, and N. Panda and P. Sua-iam and N. IERI Procedia. Sua-Iam and N. Anastasiou, I. Papayianni, and M. Beygi, M. Kazemi, I. Nikbin, J. Vaseghi Amiri, S. Rabbanifar, and E. Isik and M. Kanadasan and H. Project developers pay more for crushing and removing concrete than when New Horizon reclaims the material.


In addition, in the future, when the costs for CO2 emissions in new building permits will increase, using reclaimed cement will become even cheaper. The second and third recycling machines have already been ordered. You must be logged in to post a comment. This article is part of the following channel s Sustainable. New machine can reclaim cement from recycled concrete. Comments Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Waste Materials Used in Concrete Manufacturing

These can also be used as clinker raw materials, or processed into cementing systems. New grinding and mixing technology will make the use of these secondary materials simpler. Developments in chemical admixtures: superplasticizers, air entraining agents, etc.

Use of waste products is not only a partial solution to environmental and ecological problems; it significantly improves the microstructure, and consequently the durability properties of concrete, which are difficult to achieve by the use of pure portland cement.

The aim is not only to make the cements and concrete less expensive, but to provide a blend of tailored properties of waste materials and portland cements suitable for specified purpose. This requires a better understanding of chemistry, and materials science. There is an increasing demand for better understanding of material properties, as well as better control of the microstructure developing in the construction material, to increase durability.

The combination of different binders and modifiers to produce cheaper and more durable building materials will solve to some extent the ecological and environmental problems.

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